***** DeJohn *****

About DeJohn

John and Debbie started playing music regularly after their children grew up and left home.

They put a passion and fun into their songs and playfully argue every chance they get.     

Village of Takoma Park

This group was one of the top performers in last year’s Takoma Porch Festival.  Their tongue-in-cheek humor and joyous mix of old-time country and American standards will get into your bones whether you are 5 or 85 (or any age in between).


Rob Hinkle of Rob's Open Mics says:

“Husband and wife team Debbie (ukulele and vocals) and John (violin, guitar, and manly baritone vocals) have combined their joy, their music and their names to form DeJohn.  Favorites of the local folk scene, they direct an awful lot of charm out on to every audience. Dejohn brings a feel-good warmth to your ears that is well worth tuning into.” – Rob Hinkle, www.facebook.com/robsOpenMics


Jason Bulkeley of Orchard Market Café in Baltimore says"

“This lovable husband and wife duet never skipped a beat as they sang and played everything from fiddles to baritone ukes with an astounding array of unique covers, which they incorporate into a kind of skit along the lines of "men are from Mars, women are from Venus!" or "yes, dear......" - Jason Bulkeley of Orchard Market Café in Baltimore, http://www.orchardmarketandcafe.com/

Jason also says:

“Another fab Troubadour Tuesday at the Orchard Market & Cafe! Almost a full house toda, and 17 ladies from the Red Hat Society for lunch and a birthday! The glad hatters were wowed by folk artists John & Debbie Annen (that's brother Mike Annen of TrabantUSA on the base!) whose personalities are as spirited and fun-loving as the music they so skillfully play on a variety of instruments (violin, guitar, banjo, base, ukulele, flute---and they both sing beautifully!) “- Jason Bulkeley of Orchard Market Café in Baltimore, http://www.orchardmarketandcafe.com/


DeJohn and Friends 

DeJohn and Friends is even more entertaining when Charlie Siegman (guitar and vocals) and Karl Neidhardt (bass and percussion) and sometimes Mike Annen (bass) join the party.